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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco

This week we talked about inventory in Southern California and how new home projects are a good place for home buyers to secure a new property. We also talked about locking in your rate when it is new construction and how we have an extended rate lock option for up to 1 year. Buy with today’s rates and close next year!

We have 8 days left until our home buyer workshop. We changed gears and decided it would be a pre-Cinco De Mayo party while you learn. Come on out and enjoy appetizers and Sangria’s on us! If you don’t have your tickets already, get them now by texting the word “MOM” to 31996. You can also click to GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Don’t forget May 2nd is around the corner. The federal reserve will be meeting again to discuss the increase of the Federal Reserve Prime Rate. If you have a home equity line of credit or credit card debt, you should look into a refinance today. Even if your current interest rate is lower than where things are today, you would be surprised that a higher rate will still help you to cash flow monthly and the blended rate will be better. Call us for more details and help! 844-935-3634

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